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We offer an array of affordable services all focused on resolving conflict or improving communication. Our mediators have years of experience and they are all qualified on the Utah State Court Roster to provide all types of mediation including divorce mediation.

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Reasons to use a Court Qualified Mediator

So you are looking for mediator, or your attorney has set up a mediation with a mediator. Why should you care is this mediator is Qualified by the Court?

Conflict Resolution and Kids

Do you help your children understand that conflict is natural and help them to find positive ways to deal with the conflict? Here are some ideas.

Working with Extreme Conflict

What is required of this type of mediation is being in the middle of the fray but with a ‘tough love’ strategy coupled with empathy, compassion, transparency and equity being utilized simultaneously. Driving a team of horses that are out of control is the best image to describe this technique. But even runaway horses get tired and stop running.

Ten Steps to Resolve a Conflict

Ten Steps to Resolve a Conflict, if these do not work, consider mediation.

Leading the Blind

The parties in a mediation need to know how they reach the resolution, if they come to one… and they need to know the obstacles if they are unable to reach resolution.