Online Training

How it Works

Access the Training Portal, pick a topic, and choose the rent option. You will go to the video and there will be a worksheet and handouts available to download. Download the handouts and worksheet and as you watch the video fill out the worksheet. Send the completed worksheet to the email address or fax address listed and the bottom. The worksheet will be reviewed and your certificate of completion will be sent to you within 48 hours of receipt.

Online Training Videos

Training NameCredit HoursPrice
Building Compassion & Empathy.5$12.50
Grief, Grieving & Gratitude.5$12.50
Understanding Conflict1$25.00
Empathy - Part 1.5$12.50
Empathy - Part 2.5$12.50
Bringing Equanimity into Mediation1$25.00
Building a Mediation Practice.5$12.50
Emotion and Conflict.5$12.50
Caucus in Mediation.5$12.50
The Agreement to Mediate.5$12.50
Creating a Willing Relationship.5$12.50
The Mediation Process.5$12.50
History of ADR.5$12.50
Mediation Opening Statement1$25.00