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We offer services focused on resolving conflict and/or improving communication. Kathy and the other mediators you can schedule on this site have years of experience and are qualified on the Utah State Court Roster to provide all types of mediation.

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Kathy is a top notch mediator!
"She works hard to get a good resolution for both parties. She listens and is a great negotiator. She can be aggressive when she needs to be, but is so nice. She is genuinely there to help resolve the issues and she won't waste your time. She has been doing this for years and is an expert in her field. If I needed a mediator I would want her because I have seen the results of her hard work. She's my favorite mediator to work with."

T.R.  ~  July 11, 2018

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We offer online training for continuing education for mediators. We have several classes available.

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