The Language of Energy

The Language of ENERGY

Excerpts from Cesar’s Way by Cesar Millan

Thoughts for Mediators:The White pooch is my boy Frito

As a mediator, we have to take into account the language of Energy, our own energy and that of the participants in the mediation. There is no denying that in every mediation session, there is energy coming from every party. How you contain and move that energy as a mediator will have a great effect of the mediation session.
Things you should know about the “Language of Energy.”
  • There is a language that all animals speak, without even knowing it, including the human animal.
  • All animals are born knowing this language instinctually. Even human beings are born fluent in this universal tongue, but we tend to forget it because we are trained from childhood to believe that words are the only way to communicate.
  • The irony is, even though we don’t think we know the language anymore, we are actually speaking it all the time. Unknowingly, we are broadcasting in this tongue 24-7.
  • Others can still understand us (humans and animals), they read us loud and clear, even when we’re unaware that we’re communicating.
Energy and Emotion:
When things become emotional in a mediation session, the energy is flowing. No one can hide the energy they are experienceing when they become emotional. As a mediator, you have to be aware of this energy, even when the parties are trying to hide it….. it is still in the room.
  • Energy is a language of emotion.
  • All the animals around you, including other humans, are reading your energy every moment of the day.
  • You can say anything that pops into your mind, but your energy cannot and does not lie.
The Calm-Assertive Personality:
The goal as a mediator is to master the skill of having “Calm-Assertive Energy.” This energy will give the participants the sense of security they need to speak freely and know thay you are going to keep the space safe. It is also an energy that is not overwhelming and will not shut participants down.
  • This is the Energy a medaitor wants to portray.
  • A calm-assertive leader is relaxed but always confident that he or she is in control.
  • A calm-assertive personality is relaxed, even-tempered, but undeniably powerful, and always in charge.

To learn more about Energy and Calm-Assertive Energy check out Cesars books.