Mediation to Stay Married

Mediation to Stay Married may be appropriate when:

  • Traditional couple counseling would feel uncomfortable or inappropriate.
  • Time limitations require immediate solutions rather than in-depth explorations.
  • Success in future interactions depends on learning more effective negotiation and communication skills.

Marital/Relationship Mediation offers an alternative to marital therapy (that may require extensive time to develop therapeutic insights); it is designed to develop concrete solutions in a defined period of time.  Using mediation and conflict coaching techniques developed in the field of dispute resolution, a mediator can assist couples resolve family conflicts that could lead to separation if left unattended. Examples of such conflicts include:

  • financial disputes
  • parenting responsibilities
  • allocation of household tasks
  • intimacy issues
  • communication stalemates
  • career conflicts
  • extramarital affairs
  • conflicts in religious practices
  • living arrangement conflicts
  • family/friend relationship conflicts

Marital/Relationship Mediation can help to:

  • Reduce marital conflict
  • Protect children from stress
  • Avoid separation and divorce
  • Enhance communication skill

Mediation offered for the low cost of $100.00 per hour.

For more information on Marital/Relationship Mediation read this article on the process.  Marital Mediation Article

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