Checklist for Divorce Mediation


Possible Divorce Issues for couples with minor children:

  1. Custody – legal and physical.
  2. Parent-time schedule.
  3. Transportation responsibilities for exchanges.
  4. Final decision making authority and/or resolution process for disagreements.
  5. Method of communication regarding the children between the parents.
  6. Child expenses in addition to child support (summer camp, sports, lessons, tutoring etc.)
  7. Child care and the first right of refusal.
  8. Consistency in raising the children (bedtime, homework, TV/movies).
  9. No disparaging remarks.
  10. Extended family relationships.Maintaining contact when children are with the other parent (phone, email, text).
  11. Relocation.
  12. Child support.
  13. Medical insurance and expenses for the children.
  14. Tax dependency exemptions.
  15. Tax Filing Issues (tax refunds, tax obligations).
  16. Real Property (marital home, property, mortgage).
  17. Motor Vehicles and Recreational Vehicles.
  18. Personal Property (furniture, appliances etc).
  19. Debts
  20. Retirement Benefits (IRAs, 401ks or other pre-tax investments).
  21. Stock Options.
  22. Other Investments (savings, checking, bonds etc).
  23. Life Insurance.
  24. Business Interests (if a business is owned).
  25. Alimony.
  26. Attorney Fees.
  27. Name Change.
  28. Other Issues Not Dealt With Above.

Please review this list and bring documents you have related to any items that you will need to consider in your divorce. If you have questions regarding what to bring, bring too many documents versus not bringing enough. If you have questions you can contact me at or (801) 230-8437.


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